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The Best Way to Integrate a Subwoofer into Your Home Theater System

Subwoofers are specialized type of loudspeakers which specialize in the low frequency range. A typical frequency response of the subwoofer usually extends between 20 Hz and 50 Hz. However, it doesn’t hurt if the frequency response extends all the way to 200 Hz. This frequency band is still not covered very well by smaller speakers which you can find in common home theater systems.

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When purchasing a subwoofer, the upper frequency should be well known so that it ties in with your satellite speakers. The upper frequency of the subwoofer should be close to the lower frequency of your satellite speakers. I would recommend to look at the frequency measurement charts that the manufacturer of both the subwoofer as well as satellite speakers have provided to determine whether these are a good match. As an alternative, you could purchase a home theater in a box set. These sets usually have components which are well matched …